The story of Van Horn, Texas, is the story of the frontier…of independence, opportunity and wide opens spaces. American Indians, Spanish explorers, pioneers and generals have reveled in the majesty of the Texas Mountains, inspired by the spirit and the promise of the West.

The story of Van Horn is the story of ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. it began ages ago as Indians roamed and horses ran free.

And it continues today. Generations after rail lines gave rise to a community, innovation and imagination drive the pursuit of the next American dream.

We invite you to walk in the footsteps of the frontier, experience the people and places that shaped a nation and take with you the inspiration, vitality and spirit of the West

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Van Horn Timeline

2005 Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos purchases 100,000 acres in northern Culberson County for space launch facility.
“The Three Burials” filmed in Van Horn and areas of West Texas.
1995 “Dead Man’s Walk” filmed in Van Horn and areas of West Texas.
1993 “Blue Sky” filmed in Van Horn and areas of West Texas.
1988 “Lonesome Dove” filmed in Van Horn and areas of West Texas
1962 Courthouse recognized by the Texas Historical Commission.
1945 Town of Van Horn incorporated; G.M. Langdon elected the first mayor.
1918 Cox building was converted to the Clark Hotel, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
1914 Culberson County Sheriff J.H. Feeley was killed in a gunfight.
E.E. Churchill built the County courthouse for $44,335.
1911 Culberson County organized and Van Horn becomes county seat. First county election was held on April 18, 1911.
1909 Van Horn State Bank opened.
1905 The Cox building was expanded to house a dance hall, opera house, saloon & community center.
1901 John E. Cox built the Cox Building, known today as the Clark Hotel Museum.
1899 The first Old Settlers’ Reunion was held – Van Horn’s biggest annual event.
1893 The first schoolhouse was constructed.
1886 The first store was built by W.D. Johnson and a Mr. Hyler. A post office was established with P.H. Manuss as postmaster.
1882 S. Goynes is shot dead by his brother-in-law in a feud over a watering hole; becomes the first adult buried in the Van Horn cemetery.
1881 Texas and Pacific Railway was built. Town of Van Horn established. Last Indian battle in Texas was fought at Victorio Canyon. Town cemetery established.
1861 Confederate forces seize the Van Horne Wells, taking Army Garrison Commander Lt. James Judson Van Horn as prisoner.
1849 Maj. Jefferson Van Horne discovers the Van Horne wells, a routine stop for coaches of the San Antonio-El Paso Mail through the 1860s.